Range 26 Infrastructure NGBID-21-B-0015

A description of the work of this project can be summarized to: Construction of multiple stationary and moving armor targets for Range 26 at the Orchard Combat training Center (OCTC), approximately 21 miles south of Boise, ID. The improvements include the construction of two 1,250 lineal feet moving armor targets (MAT) emplacement, which consists of 5’ tall concrete block wall, 40’ wide earthen berm and a 27’ wide gravel surface along the back side of the wall, and six stationary armor targets (SAT) emplacements, which consist of a 3’-6” tall block wall, a 10’ by 10’ concrete pad and a 40’ wide aggregate berm. Other improvements include the excavation of several rock knolls, construction of approximately 1,600 lineal feet of 12’ wide gravel road and the demo and replacement of a 16’ tall timber post range limit marker with solar power LED lights.


Bidding Closed

Prebid Date9/1/21 2:00pm

Bid Date9/16/21 3:00pm

Company & Contacts

State of Idaho Military Division

Josh Jessup joshua.m.jessup.mil@mail.mil   (208) 272-3354


Boise, ID

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A pre-Bid walk thru is scheduled for 2:00 PM, prevailing local time, on September 1, 2021 at Gowen Field Building 518 Conference Room.